Advanced Implant Therapy and Periodontal Microsurgery

4 Days Hands-on Program for GBR, Soft Tissue Grafting, and Digital Dentistry
Wednesday, October 31st, 2018 9:00 AM - Saturday, November 3rd,2018 5:00 PM


This intense hands-on course features, digital technology, advanced guided bone regeneration(GBR), and plastic aesthetic periodontal surgery for both implants and natural teeth.


Day 1-2 Current digital technology and minimally invasive surgery.

DAY1  Oct 31st

Dr. Keng Mun Wong / Dr. Takuya Satoh

Day 1 consists of 2/3 Day Interactive Lecture and 1/3 Day Hands-On Workshop on gum models.

Learning Objectives
  • Integration of 3D printing and utilizing CAD/CAM technology
  • Digital workflow process involving the use of CT scanners,3D treatment planning software, 3D Printers, and 3D intra-oral scanners
  • Application of microsurgical principles and their effect on treatment outcome
  • New techniques for incisions and sutures in Minimally Invasive Surgeries (MIS)
  • Management of complications and failures
  • A total fusion of MIS and ceramic restorations

DAY2  Nov 1st

Dr. Takuya Satoh

Day 2 consists of a full Day Hands-On Workshop on porcine model.

Learning Objectives
  • Criteria used for selection of appropriate root coverage techniques
  • New approaches for esthetics ridge augmentation
  • MIS technique for Immediate implant placement in extraction site
Hands-on Contents
  • FG harvest & alveoloplasty, sub-epithelial CT harvest from palate, sub-epithelial CT harvest from tuberosity
  • Modified Langer technique, envelope technique, tunnel technique, ridge preservation technique, immediate implant placement
  • 10 microscopes are available for those who want to practice in this program

Day 3-4 Advanced implant therapy and bone grafting.

DAY3  Nov 2nd

Dr. Sascha A. Jovanovic

Day 3 consists of a Full Day Interactive Lecture.

Learning Objectives
  • Diagnosis, treatment planning and patient selection for grafting procedures
  • Scientific background and literature support
  • Indication and limitations of different regenerative materials
  • Barrier membranes and fixation tools
  • Potential intra-oral donor sites, as well as techniques for bone harvesting
  • Surgical techniques for flap design, advancement and primary closure and soft tissue management
  • Post-operative protocol

DAY4  Nov 3rd

Dr. Sascha A. Jovanovic

Day 4 consists of a full Day Hands-On Workshop on porcine models.

Learning Objectives
  • Growth factors for vertical ridge augmentation
  • Mucogingival problems before, during and after GBR grafting
  • Reconstruction of vestibule and increase and keratinzed attached gingiva after vertical ridge augmentation
  • Surgical wound dehiscence and membrane exposure
  • Post operative infection and management
  • Anatomical limitations, nerve trauma, treatment and prevention
Hands-on Contents
  • Extraction site management: delayed implant placement with bone and soft tissue grafting
  • Extraction site management: delayed implant placement with bone and soft tissue grafting
  • Bone harvest from the mandible with bone scrapers.
  • Horizontal defect treatment with bone “sausage” + GBR + tent screws
  • Vertical implant Placement with d-PTFE membrane, bone graft and bone tacks.
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Dr. Sascha Jovanvic

DDS, MS Sascha Jovanovic Dr. Sascha A. Jovanovic, was formally trained in periodontics at the UCLA School of Dentistry; in implant dentistry at Loma Linda University; and in prosthodontics at University of Aachen, Germany. He holds a Master of Sciences degree in Oral Biology from UCLA; and is director and founder of the web-based Global Institute for Dental Education at Dr. Jovanovic is presently the Associate Professor at Loma Linda University Implant program. He is the past-president of the European Association for Osseointegration (EAO). He has lectured extensively worldwide and has published over 70 articles and book chapters, and one textbook. Dr. Jovanovic maintains a private practice in Santa Monica, CA.

Dr. Takuya Satoh

Dr. Takuya Satoh graduated from Osaka Dental University in 1998.
Afterwards he attended Osaka University and completed his PhD in the field of implant biomechanics in 2004. While studying for his degree, Dr.Satoh founded a society for young dentists in Osaka, known as Club GP. In 2005 he briefly left Osaka University to study implant surgery under Dr. Sascha Jovanovic at UCLA. Upon returning to Japan, Dr. Satoh opened his own private practice in Osaka.
He specializes in Implantlogy, Prosthodontics, and Dental Esthetics and holds certifications in these fields from Japanese Society of Oral Implantology, the Japan Prosthodontic society and The Japan Academy of Esthetic Dentistry.
  Dr. Satoh's varied technical know-how in the fields of microsurgery, implantlogy, esthetics and prosthodontics has been the key to his success as a General Practitioner and allows him to perform any procedure.

Dr. Keng Mun Wong

Dr. Wong completed his BDS degree at the National University of Singapore. His outstanding academic and clinical performance won him 2 university awards: the FAC Oehlers Gold Medal and Terrell Silver Medal. Dr. Wong received specialised training in prosthodontics, which involves three years of post-graduate education and earned his Master’s degree MSD and Certificate in Prosthodontics at the University of Washington, USA.
Dr. Wong is a member of numerous professional organizations. He is Affiliate Assistant Professor at the University of Washington, USA; Visiting Senior Lecturer at the National University of Singapore; Committee member of the Cad Cam Workgroup at the National University of Singapore; Sub-committee member of the Graduate Diploma in Dental Implantology (GDDI, and Implant and Prosthodontics, at the Centre for Advanced Dental Education at the National University of Singapore; member of the Teaching Faculty at the Global Institute of Dental Education (gIDE), USA; Advisor of the Nobel Biocare Expert Advisory Board; and Global Councillor of the Emerging Leaders Council, of the Foundation for Oral Rehabilitation.
In 2005, Dr. Wong founded T32 Institute for Advanced Continuing Education (ACE) which evolved to T32 Dental Academy in 2008. Today, T32 Dental Academy is a center dedicated to educating, motivating, stimulating and sharing knowledge with other dental professionals.  


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